The Echo White Water Experience

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Welcome to Echo Canyon!

Echo Canyon is the ideal spot to add a real white water rafting adventure to your Colorado Rocky Mountain vacation – and to make lifelong memories. We’re located right near the Royal Gorge, about an hour from Colorado Springs. Once you’re here and ready to start your white water experience, be sure to leave just about everything in your vehicle - except a swimming suit, sunscreen and your hunger for adventure. We have everything you need for a safe, exciting Echo Canyon Experience. After you’ve parked, head in to the front desk to check in!


Check-In for White Water Adventure

When you arrive at the desk, one of our friendly, knowledgeable Echo Canyon staff members will get you and your group checked in. Be sure to arrive at least 45 minutes prior to your scheduled white water rafting trip, so you’ll have time to get geared up, too. Just use your vehicle as your locker - leave any valuables and electronics behind. Give us your keys, our complementary key valet will make sure everything is safe & sound! Next stop: Gear Up!

Get geared up

Gear Up for Safety and White Water Fun!

Because Echo Canyon wants to make sure your adventure is a safe one, we provide top quality gear to every participant. We maintain every piece of rafting equipment with safety and comfort in mind. We’ll get your crew set up with the right sized, U.S. Coast Guard approved Type V Personal Flotation Device (also known as your PFD, or life jacket), and a helmet. We recommend you come with a quick-drying shirt and a waterproof jacket or windbreaker, and water shoes. We also rent wetsuits, spray gear and river shoes, in case you need more! Next step: Relax and wait for the rafting adventure to start!

Colorado Rafting Guide

Meet Your Echo Canyon River Rafting Guide

After a short, relaxing wait on the deck, or a short game of horseshoes, your group will be called, and you’ll take a short bus trip up the the river, where you’ll meet your guide. Be sure to pay attention during the bus ride, where our driver will go over some of the safety guides and fun facts about Echo Canyon white water rafting. Once you meet your guide, they’ll lead you through a thorough training on just what it means to safely ride in a raft, and how to work it as a group, how to experience the white water, and more safety rules. Can you feel the excitement building? You’re almost there!

Colorado white water rafting

Your White Water Rafting Experience

Now’s the moment you’ve been waiting for! You’ll get a seat on the boat, and some final instructions on white water rafting safety, and then you’re off to pure adventure! Be sure to follow your Echo Canyon river rafting guide’s instructions, to make the ride as safe and fun as possible. Hold on tight, when you’re not paddling, and remember to smile through the splashes. There’s always a possibility of being thrown overboard, but don’t worry - our guides are well-trained and experienced with every level of white water, and are there to make your river rafting adventure both fun and safe!

8 Mile Bar and Grill

After the Adventure - Relax!

Now that you’re safe and sound - and on dry land - take some time to dry out and laugh while you show off to your family and friends about your adventure. The 8 Mile Bar & Grill is the perfect place to relax, enjoy world-class food and drinks and start building memories that will last forever. Our outdoor patio will provide enough sun and warmth to dry you off quickly - and give you the inspiration to start planning your next Colorado white water adventure with Echo Canyon!

Bighorn Sheep Canyon rafters on Raft and Zipline package

Book Your Echo Experience Now!

Now that you know how Echo Canyon experience is different, it's time to book yours! Whether you're planning for your family, or a group, or just for you and a few friends, we're ready to set you up with a customized rafting adventure, filled with all the white water you can stand. We've got combination packages - like Raft-n-Rail or Raft-n-Zipline combos and more. We also offer multi-day trips and camping at our very own Echo Canyon Campground. There's no time to waste - book your reservations now!

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