Doing our part

Echo is constantly striving to give back to our community, the environment, and the river that we float on.

Supporting our community

It all starts with our local communities. We’re making the effort to support the community and resources in the Royal Gorge Region. While this is critical to the health and prosperity of our local community members, it’s also important for the countless visitors we welcome.

For Trails
1 %

Helping to build and maintain trails

We’re proud to give 1% of all retail sales to Fremont Adventure Recreation’s 1% for trails initiative. FAR works to promote a culture of community and healthy living through human-powered outdoor recreation in the Royal Gorge Region.

Creating a great place to work – and play

Our employees work hard and play harder. We want to make their time at Echo an amazing experience where they feel cared for. A happy, healthy employee always translates to a better, more passionate adventure for you.

The great outdoors

The outdoors should be an asset for everyone – whether on foot or bike, in a car, or floating down the river. Echo Canyon is committed to protecting our outdoor spaces and making a great experience for all the ways people stay and play.

We Care for Colorado

Echo Canyon works hard to embrace and live the 7 Care for Colorado Leave No Trace Principles, and we ask our guests to do the same:


We’ve done away with plastic water bottles and encourage guests to bring refillable bottles. We love to see guests utilizing our water bottle filling station! Each of our rafts has an attached zippered bag as well so you can safely bring along your favorite water bottle and stay hydrated as you paddle the rapids. But don’t worry, we still have canned water purchase options for those guests who opt to not bring their own water bottles.

Echo Canyon always uses nontoxic and/or biodegradable products where possible.

The Arkansas river

The river provides so much more than recreation.

Arkansas River Conservation Cooperative

$0.50 collected from each guest goes back to ensure river health for today and future generations

Echo Canyon and our outfitter peers have created a non-profit called the Arkansas River Conservation Cooperative (ARCC). Our goal is to assess ourselves and each rafting guest a surcharge in order to secure annual recurring funding to support wildlife, habitat, and recreation along the Arkansas River. We engage the greater water community through partnerships leveraging a diverse group of users to achieve these goals. Examples of the partners would be agriculture, municipalities, water districts, and both state and federal agencies. We know a healthy resource supports the three pillars of our river communities that depend on habitat, wildlife, and recreation for economic livelihood and quality of life.


View from the Canyon Rim Trail


Habitat relies on a sustainable flow regime delivering water in both quantity and quality. It's the foundation for healthy wildlife and communities.


detail flora and fauna Arkansas River


Wildlife is one of Colorado's greatest resources. We'd like to ensure it remains that way for us today and for future generations.



We can get out and enjoy only once the first two pillars are taken care of. We take our play seriously but always put responsibility to our environment first.