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Family rafting – take a float down the Arkansas River

If you have some younger river adventurers in your group or are looking for a more laid-back float down the river, then consider our family whitewater rafting trips designed for young rafters. Relax and enjoy the scenery, rippling waters, and beauty of the Arkansas River Corridor as your guide expertly guides you down a mellow 5-mile section of river. Groups with children as young as 4 years old can enjoy the Scenic Float for some fantastic family rafting. As a testament to our commitment to safety, we do raise the minimum age to 5 years at very high water flows.


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Gentle Whitewater: Appropriate for kids ages 4 and up depending on river flows. Includes Class I, II and Class III rapids at higher water flows

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Family White Water Rafting

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This rafting trip is recommended for people 4 years of age and older. At higher water flows (usually in June) we may increase the minimum recommended age.

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What should I expect from my scenic rafting trip?

On the Echo Canyon scenic river rafting trip, you’ll arrive at our office to check in and receive your safety equipment. We’ll transport you upstream, where you’ll meet your guide and hear a brief safety orientation.  Your guide will answer any questions that you have and will explain how to stay in the raft, how to keep yourself in the boat, and what to do in the event of an unexpected situation. You’ll also learn how to effectively paddle. Even smaller children are welcome to try their hand at paddling on our family whitewater rafting trips – paddlers are auxiliary on the Scenic Float, and you can put your paddles aside and relax at any time. Then it’s on to the river! You’ll spend about 1.5 hours on the water, and we’ll provide a light snack to keep everyone happy and energized.

What should my family bring for the trip?

Some things to remember when family rafting:

  • Sunscreen is always a good idea!
  • You are encouraged to bring water on your trip and are welcome to bring additional snacks
  • Wear synthetic clothing for maximum sun protection and quick drying
  • Secure footwear is mandatory for all participants
  • The minimum age is 4 to 5 years dependent on river flows

Gentle river rafting with the whole family!

There’s nothing better than spending a day on the water with the whole family, experiencing the beauty of southern Colorado while enjoying each other’s company. Young children and grand parents are the most common participants for one of our family whitewater rafting trips on this easy, scenic, and mild section of river. You’ll experience a handful of class II and easy class III rapids on the 5-mile stretch of the upper Bighorn Sheep Canyon. These rapids are a fantastic introduction to white water, but are not too challenging for our littlest river adventurers.

Children and adults can paddle along with their guide, who has the ability to maneuver the raft on his / her own. Guides will operate an oar boat, which allows them to steer, power, and stop the raft whenever necessary. Boats can hold up to 7 to 8 guests at a time. On these family river rafting trips, safety is our first priority – the second is fun! Depending upon water level, scenic family rafting trips often stop to swim, splash, and explore. There’s no better way to beat the summer heat than to take a dip in the cool waters of the river. The water temperature can range from 50-70 degrees, depending on the time of year. Our river is over 80% natural runoff, so you’ll be rafting on what was once snow! You’ll also see your fair share of local flora and fauna on this family rafting trip, ranging from towering red rock canyon cliffs, lush cottonwood groves, ponderosa pines, and perhaps even Bighorn Sheep!

Need Help Planning Your Scenic Family Rafting Trip?

White water rafting is a great way to get the entire family outside together laughing and having fun. Give us a call and let us help you create an experience your family will always remember!

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Pricing Options

Rafting Trip TypeAdult PricesChild Prices (12 and Under)
Scenic Float Half-Day (5 miles)$87$87
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