Rafting with Friends: The Ultimate Group Adventure in Canon City

Written by Ben Sack, 12.20.2023

Challenging and fun group activities in Colorado offer the perfect opportunities to bond with friends. To this end, group river rafting adventures are a great way to build camaraderie, strengthen communication, and create memories that last a lifetime. 

No matter if your group is made up of beginners, experts, or somewhere in between, Echo Canyon will help you book the perfect adventure for your needs. Even more, you can take advantage of group discounts when you go rafting with a large party of friends.

Why Rafting is the Perfect Activity for Friends

Outdoor activities are all about self-reliance, smart decision-making, and personal growth. When you combine these elements in a group setting, it’s the perfect opportunity to strengthen the bonds of friendship by means of shared adventure. As your team learns to navigate harrowing white water, the adrenaline rush of conquering challenges together builds both camaraderie and trust.


Flexibility is one of the things that makes white water rafting a great group activity. When you book with a professional outfitter like Echo Canyon, you can figure out the ideal trip for your group of friends. Since we are one of the largest outfitters in Colorado, we offer:

  • Rafting outings for different skill levels like Bighorn Sheep Canyon and the Royal Gorge,
  • Trips in half-day and full-day options, and
  • Various group size options, from a few to hundreds. 

These options provide you with the flexibility to create a rafting adventure that is ideal for your specific group. Whether you’re looking for intense rapids, sight-seeing, or both, Echo Canyon River Expeditions can provide the river rafting group tours you are looking for.


Echo Canyon will accommodate the abilities and goals of your group to create the perfect trip for your needs. With up to 3 different adventure-level options all departing within 30 minutes of each other, it’s easy to find the right trip that fits the needs of any group of friends. If everyone isn’t on the same page, you can even split your large group into smaller ones so people are partnered with those of similar white water experience. That way, experienced rafters can team up for Class IV-V rapids, while beginners and intermediates can stick with Class II-III stretches of water.

Perfect your ability to capture rafting footage with your GoPro by following these steps


Especially compared to other outdoor activities like fly fishing and mountain biking, white water rafting is quite affordable. Since your outfitter will supply you with all the equipment you need for a safe and fun time, you just need to pay the trip fee when you go rafting. Even all of the wetsuit gear is included at no additional cost. Echo Canyon also offers discounts when you book for large groups. Additionally, we have partnered with local businesses to offer package deals with white water rafting and other group activities in Colorado Springs and the surrounding area like zip lines, train rides, and ATV tours.

Choosing Cañon City for Your Group

Cañon City has a ton of options for fun group activities in Colorado. Besides world-class white water rafting on the Arkansas River, there are a ton of other adventure activities in the region. If you want to try hiking one of Colorado’s highest mountains, Pikes Peak is just a short drive away. There is also excellent fly fishing and mountain biking to be found just outside of town. Finally, groups with young children will have a blast at the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park, where you can take part in educational exhibits and heart-pumping amusement rides.

Looking for Fun Group Activities in Colorado? Book a Whitewater Rafting Trip Today

Ready to make a splash with your friends in Cañon City? Book your group’s ultimate Royal Gorge whitewater rafting adventure now and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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