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Written by Ben Sack, 05.30.2019

Corporate team building events can be a fun way to bring employees together. Not only are these outings things that most everyone looks forward to, but they can help to build team morale, a positive company culture, and improve how well your team works together.

In this article, we’re going to share our top 10 company outings, highlighting how each one can benefit your workplace. Some will encourage coworkers to learn to work together, strengthening communication skills that might carry over into the workplace. Others will promote team bonding or boosting employee morale and commitment.

These range from quick events you can do after work, to getaways that require a bit more time, investment, and planning. Read on for outing ideas that will bring your team together.

The Ten Best Team Building Activities

1. White Water Rafting

June is the best month for big white waterFloating down a pristine river, paddling and laughing together is a unique way to create memories and bonds and will last long after your group has finished rafting. Group whitewater rafting pushes boundaries and allows people to see what they’re capable of, all while working together to get from one portion of whitewater to the next.

With half-day trips that can be tailored to your group’s thrill level (all the way from timid beginner to adventure chaser), you can split your team up into a few groups that match their desire for adventure. What’s more, spending a day surrounded by nature and sunlight and getting your body active is a great way to split up a workweek.  

2. Cooking Class

cooking classLooking for something a bit more creative that you can do at any time of the year? Cooking classes can teach people new skills while highlighting the hidden culinary skills hiding in your team. You can learn knife skills or take a sushi making class, with your employees going home with more skills than when they arrived.

3. Painting Class

Have you been to a paint and sip class? An instructor will help everyone paint a mini-masterpiece over the course of just a few hours while everyone enjoys a bit of wine or their beverage of choice. Here you can get to know your team’s individual styles all while making fun memories, and your employees will go home with a physical reminder of the fun that they’ve had with the team.

4. Hiking

hikingIf you’re looking for a team outing that’s inexpensive, try heading to the great outdoors and enjoying a hike. There are easy strolls through flat trails, or harder feats like climbing one of the 14ers in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. Bring a team picnic to have after you get back from your hike, bonding over the views and triumphs of the day.

5. Scavenger Hunt

On a nice day, put together a scavenger hunt around your city, having employees run from clue to clue until the winning team gets a prize. Scavenger hunts are exciting and challenging, making for an enjoyable day where teamwork and creativity play a central role.

6. Golfing

golfingGolfing is a passion amongst many business people and a fun activity to learn for those who haven’t ever played. Try taking your team golfing, offering lessons for those who are new and a day on the green for those who enjoy this relaxing and challenging sport.

7. Escape Rooms

Room escape games are growing in popularity, and you’ll find them scattered across many big and small cities around the country. They promote creative thinking and teamwork, making them a great experience for building communication and teamwork in the office.

8. Sports Game

baseball gameOne of the biggest pastimes around the world is watching sports. People have pride in their local sports teams, especially when they’re doing well. Having an annual corporate event at a professional sports venue is a fun and exciting way for coworkers to bond over a shared passion.

9. Weekend Getaway

If your company has the capital to invest in a getaway, short trips can be one of the best ways to elicit excitement from your employees. When they get to enjoy an annual trip to a ski resort, vineyard region, or beach town on the company’s dime, it can help them feel appreciated and create a real bond amongst management and employees alike. Not to mention, this bonding and appreciation might just help to boost retention.  

You can either choose to hold this for your whole team, or it can be a reward for your top performers each year. During this time, include events like wine tastings, dinners, and outdoor experiences to make the trip fun and exciting.

10. Happy Hour

sixteen draft beers available at 8 Mile Bar & GrillHappy Hours are a simple way to show your team that you appreciate the hard work that they do. When held regularly, say once every month, it can create a great team environment and boost company morale.

Events Build Company Culture

When planning your team building events, keep in mind the type of company culture that you’re going for, as well as the type that you already have. Try to find events that people will enjoy; maybe come up with a few ideas and send out an anonymous survey so you can be sure that your team will be excited about the outings that you plan.

And remember, the most important part is to have fun! Your employees will be much more invested when it’s something that they want to spend their time doing. All-the-better if they get a day or an afternoon off to do so!

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