lion's head Rapid (Class III) - Royal Gorge

A quick class III rapid sure to give you a splash at any level, Lion’s Head Rapid is just below a common break spot known as Corner Pocket. The actual name of the rapid comes from a large rock formation viewable from below the rapid on river left. You’ll see a fin of rock just to the left of the railroad tracks shooting skyward, and at the top of the fin is the profile of a lion throwing back it’s head, letting out a roar.

The rapid itself is a low stress section with a series of waves right of center. It’s easy to see the line from the top of the rapid. Just stick to the right, stay lined up with the waves, and do your best to stay on the center of the waves. Achieve this and you’ll be rewarded with the biggest hit or two at the bottom of the set of waves packing a nice hit. But you have to be right on-line! Veer left or right and you’ll miss the biggest waves at the bottom.

illustration of bighorn sheep and arkansas river
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Every zone is the splash zone

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Great for beginner rafters

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