Corner Pocket Rapid (Class III-IV) - Royal Gorge

Easy to underestimate, Corner Pocket Rapid is a typically an easy class III rapid as your raft follows a quick jog in the river. As the river bends to the right, you’ll see a small river eddy on river right with lots of trees, vegetation and often times a number of private rafters relaxing in the shade. But stay focused! You have to get a serious bow left angle and charge towards the left as the river tries to take you into the right shoreline of rough rocks. Charge too early and you’ll hit the large boulder in the middle of the river.

At high water flows the biggest boulder in the middle is barely visible and has water pushed up and bumbling all around it. At these flows we call the boulder Soda Fountain Rock – the name fits perfectly. If you see a well defined Soda Fountain, the river is high enough you can even sneak to the left of the fountain, but be careful – it’s a tight fit and you’ll probably have an audience if you make a mistake and end up in the river!

illustration of bighorn sheep and arkansas river
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