Used white water rafts for sale - See our current sale items below

Echo Canyon is selling the whitewater rafts and rafting equipment listed below. Please feel free to call us at 719-275-3154 if you have questions, or if you would like to purchase the gear. All equipment is used and sold as is. We have made every attempt to accurately describe the equipment. We’re boaters and we wouldn’t want to buy faulty equipment ourselves, so we’ll be completely honest with you as the buyer.  That said, the rafts below have been in a commercial setting, so they will certainly have pin-hole leaks, and normal wear and tear including cosmetic wear. While we will on occasion sell a raft sight unseen by the buyer, we strongly encourage the buyer to physically see the raft prior to purchase. Any purchase requiring shipping will incur additional freight shipping and handling charges in addition to the raft cost. Thanks for looking!


The Verde - Used Raft for Sale - 2006 NRS, Colorado model, 13 feet, 3 thwarts. $1700

This is a Northwest River Supplies raft – a Colorado model which is very similar to their E-130 raft and currently retails new for $5,195. It is 13 feet in length – and made with the heavier commercial grade hypalon fabric – 1670 denier. The raft includes 3 thwarts and 2 footcups installed in the front paddler’s compartment. It was manufactured in 2006, the same year it was put into commercial use on the Arkansas River here at Echo Canyon. All handles and D-rings are functional. The self bailing floor is solid – it has required no patches and the I-beams are sound. The raft has seen no major tears or maintenance issues. Condition of this raft is fair considering the raft has seen 16 commercial rafting seasons, lots of rocks, big waves, and a lot of loading and unloading. It holds air pretty well, but if you’re out rafting on a full day trip you may notice it’s a little softer at the end of the day. If your plan is to run this raft on a multi-day trip you’ll definitely be topping the raft off each morning before loading it up again. That said, the boat is sound and will provide many years of private use. As far as dings and dents, you’ll see wear areas on the front thwart and where paddlers’ knees have rested against the sides of the raft and on the thwarts. And you’ll find some pin-hole leaks here and there which is standard for a raft that has seen a lot of river time. See all the photos below!

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