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More Than Rafting Experts

Written by Ben Sack, 04.18.2014

We covered a lot about Echo Canyon’s rafting guides’ over-the-top qualifications in recent Facebook posts – and we’re proud to have the best-trained guides in the state of Colorado (your safety and the safety of your family is our primary concern, after all) – but that’s not all our rafting guides are good at. At Echo Canyon, we want to make  your rafting experience a lifelong memory, and our guides are great at making that happen!

It’s not all about whitewater and adrenaline

We know that everyone wants to feel that rush of adrenaline as your raft hits whitewater, and rides through some killer rapids – and there’s no one on the water that’s better at making sure you get that chance than our raft guides. But rafting isn’t all about whitewater. There’s plenty to see from the river: flora and fauna of the surrounding ecosystem, the geology of the canyon, the history of the mighty Arkansas River – and of rafting itself – and stories about the rugged Rocky Mountain West, just to name a few points of interest. Part of our guides’ responsibilities – and, we like to think, part of their charm – is to take full advantage of these opportunities to show off their knowledge of the river and its surroundings.

But, just as importantly, it’s part of their rafting job to be good hosts, by pointing out things that will highlight your trip -things that will make the whole experience unforgettable. Sure, they’re highly trained in every aspect of water safety, rafting and all of that – but did you know that many of our guides are also experts in hundreds of other interests? We’ve got guides who spend the off-season teaching grade school, and others guide snowmobile tours and ski tours. Many of our guides are in the midst of college – a few studying cool stuff like molecular biology, environmental engineering, geology,  law and health care – and a many more who have already graduated and received degrees things like mechanical engineering or art. We’re also proud to include staff in our river family that have spent their off-river time as EMTs, Teachers and even a Police Officer. To get a closer look at all of our family of whitewater rafting guides and what they do besides taking you for the ride of your life, check out our Guide Bio Board on Pinterest!

Tell us what you think about your raft guide, and the rest of our river family

This diverse group of people is just another reason that Echo Canyon River Expeditions stands out among all the other rafting outfits in Colorado – or in the US. Their personalities, stories, charm and wit help to make a day or two on the river more than just a lot of splashing, paddling and good fun. Once you leave the raft to get back into life, you’ll have made a good friend – maybe even a few!

In fact, on that Pinterest board we mentioned above, you’ll find bios of our entire Echo Canyon family. We’re hoping you’ll promote your favorite guide – or anyone else up here that made your trip an unforgettable experience – by pinning their bio on your own Pinterest page. Or, post their likeness to your Facebook page, with a little story about how they made your river experience one you’ll never forget. While you’re at it, why not leave a review on our TripAdvisor page – and tell everyone about how your trip went! We love to hear your stories, too.

Interested in becoming a part of the action?

Becoming one of the Echo Canyon family isn’t easy (nothing this fun ever is) – and sometimes the days are much  more than all the fun of the whitewater – but it’s a chance for the right person to build a collection of memories that will last forever, and might even change a life just a little bit. If you think you’re one of those people, you can take the first steps towards the adventures that white water rafting jobs have to offer by starting the application process. Our whitewater rafting guide training program – the most comprehensive in the state – starts May 19, so hurry and get your application in. It could be the chance of a lifetime, and we look forward to the perspective and charm you could add to our family at Echo Canyon River Expeditions.

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