Experienced Guide Application Process

Experienced guides from other rivers and rafting outfitters offer different perspectives and skills that help make up the rich culture of Echo Canyon. To be considered a fully experienced guide, you must be competent on both paddle and oar boats. If you lack the necessary skills on either type of raft you will be required to participate in certain aspects of the training program and you will be required to reimburse Echo Canyon for that training. We alone will determine the amount of training you require and cost of this additional training. If you are already an established guide, you will be directed to speak with a guide staffing director who will request the following items:

Your seniority and position in rotation for trips is based on the number of years you have been a guide both on the Arkansas River, combined experience on other rivers and your current medical qualifications. Guides are paid by the trip and that wage is determined by the criteria just mentioned. All trip leaders, Royal Gorge and Numbers guides must have Wilderness Advanced First Aid or its equivalent. Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) and Wilderness First Responders (WFR) are also acceptable advanced medical certifications. We understand the need for senior staff to get work and that is not a problem at Echo. As the largest rafting company in Colorado we have a river staff of over fifty and everyone gets plenty of trips. For much of the season the problem becomes scheduling a day off. As we are a premium outfitter we do cater to high-end clientele and tips can be substantial depending on the group.

Guides who take themselves and their jobs seriously will flourish at Echo. We have many established guides who have come to Echo from other companies and feel they have found the place for them. We are a group of fun loving professionals who are able to strike a balance between our personal interests and chosen profession.

We look forward to receiving your application materials. Feel free to call if you have any questions. Thank you!