Maytag Rapid (Class III-IV) - Bighorn sheep canyon

Most often considered a class III rapid, Maytag Rapid can either be a gentle splashy ride or an adrenaline pumping thrill depending on river flows. Choose to raft during a spring run-off in early June and you’ll see why it’s considered a solid class IV rapid due to the strong current guiding rafts right down the middle towards a monster of a breaking wave! At these higher flows, most guides enter the rapid with a strong bow right angle so they can stay on the right side of the current – where guides and their crews can maintain the upper hand on the big wave that packs a mighty punch. 

Lower flows provide other challenges, this time the current steers rafts towards the left shoreline and a series of large boulders which sends unwary rafts and crews into an aggressive spin off the left bank. Regardless the flows, Maytag is always a fun addition to an upper Bighorn Sheep Canyon trip. 

illustration of bighorn sheep and arkansas river
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