Rocky Mountain High Adventure Base Rafting Package

Echo Canyon River Expeditions is pleased to partner with the Rocky Mountain Council and Rocky Mountain High Adventure Base (RMHAB) to offer a classic Colorado full day adventure on the Arkansas River. Your day of rafting with Echo Canyon isn’t just an exciting white water thrill for scouts, but also a learning opportunity to explore the plant and animal life, rich history, and to further develop teamwork skills within your group.

This day of white water is included in your week of activities at RMHAB and features a Bighorn Sheep Canyon full day trip, experienced guides, wetsuit gear, a hearty lunch served riverside, and discounted photo and video package options. Plus, our reservation office is open seven days a week if you or parents of scouts have questions about your upcoming raft trip. The staff at Echo Canyon looks forward to sharing a one-of-a-kind river experience with your troop this summer!

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Paddle the rapids of Bighorn Sheep Canyon

An experience to remember

Teamwork in the rapids

Details of the Rocky Mountain High Adventure Base Rafting Package

This full day rafting package is included in your fee paid to the Rocky Mountain Council’s RMHAB. After you have reserved your groups space at RMHAB, you’ll receive emails from Echo Canyon leading up to the trip with details about what to wear and bring, and how parents can easily complete online liability release forms well in advance of the trip to camp. Each person is required to complete a release form in advance of the trip. A parent or legal guardian must complete the release form for those rafters who are under 18 years of age. 

scouts rafting Royal Gorge with Echo Canyon River Expeditions

Here’s a quick run-down of your day with Echo Canyon…

Arrive at the Echo Canyon base via your personal transportation one hour prior to your trip departure time. Ensure rafters are dressed and ready to raft (be sure to bring along a change of clothes for after your trip). Most rafters start with swim suits and a long sleeve or short sleeve quick dry shirt. Scouts have access to a complimentary wetsuit package which includes wetsuit shoes, wetsuit, and splash jacket. The staff at Echo will give your troop a brief orientation, and direct you to where you’ll gear up. Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs) and helmets will be issued to each rafter. We’ll board our shuttle bus for a short ride to the start of the raft trip on Bighorn Sheep Canyon, a family-friendly section of white water including class II and III rapids reaching as high as class IV rapids at certain water flows. The full day trip typically includes a couple hours of rafting in the morning, approximately an hour for lunch on the banks of the river, followed by another couple hours of white water.

Following your raft trip, a quick ride brings us back to the Echo Canyon office where you’ll change into dry clothes. Scouts will have some time to check out Echo’s gift shop with Colorado souvenirs, as well as time to view exciting photos and videos captured along the river by our photographers. Please note our photo / video packages are not included in the fee paid for your camp stay. Scouts joining us for this rafting experience receive a special 20% off any of our photo package prices which can found here at this link. Groups may want to consider budgeting for photos in advance as the discounted rate is only available for on-site purchases.

What's Included?

  • Full day raft trip on Bighorn Sheep Canyon
  • Full wetsuit package rental including river shoes, wetsuit, and splash jacket
  • Transportation from the Echo office to and from the river
  • Riverside lunch including gourmet style boxed lunch
  • Option to purchase discounted photos and videos after your rafting adventure 
Paddling through 3 Rocks Rapid

Do I need to reserve this trip through Echo Canyon?

No, when you reserve and pay for your week long experience at RMHAB, this activity is included in that rate. However, once your camp reservation has been made and the staff at RMHAB has relayed your troop details to us, you will need to work with us at Echo Canyon to ensure all liability waivers are completed well in advance of your visit. 

Your trip leader will be contacted by email with instructions about completion of liability waivers, as well as additional information to help your scouts plan for the day of white water rafting. If you have questions along the way, we’re available to assist you seven days a week.

Echo Canyon's Proven Experience

Over 40 years of experience, and a professional staff focused on you, our guest.

Since 1978 Echo Canyon has been a proven leader in the rafting industry, setting standards for safety protocols, and training raft guides well beyond the state’s standards. With advanced medical training, swift water rescue training, and youth protection training, you’ll find some of the best trained guides in the state are leading your raft through the rapids. And perhaps more important than anything else, our guides love what they do. Each with unique and engaging personalities, you may find yourself learning about the interesting human history of the region, or about the wildlife we see along the way. While each of our guides is uniquely different, we’ll bet your raft trip with Echo will be one of the highlights of your troop’s visit to Colorado!

Reservation Policies & More Info

Guests drive themselves to Echo Canyon from camp and must arrive 45 minutes prior to their scheduled departure time. This time will be found on your Quote or Reservation sent by our office staff. A google maps link to our location will also appear on your Reservation email.

Please be sure you bring a roster for your troop!

A link to our fully digital waiver will be emailed to you. You can then forward it on to any parent of a scout or leader in your group. Any person participating who is over the age of 18 must fill out the waiver for themselves, and anyone under the age of 18 needs a parent or court appointed legal guardian’s signature.

We will send you an email so that you can access the Group Waiver Portal. This is a great way to check waivers before you head off to camp. Waivers must be completed for each participant by the Wednesday before you leave for camp.

It’s important guests disclose any medical conditions that could affect their health or safety while rafting with us. Please disclose any pertinent condition at the time of making the reservation, and when asked at check-in.

Rafters should arrive dressed and ready to go rafting. Wearing bathing suits and quick dry clothing for the trip down from camp can help to keep congestion to a minimum in the changing rooms. Scouts will also be able to put on any of the needed rental items like wetsuit, river shoes, or splash jacket, over what they already have on. They should leave a change of clothes and/or a towel in the vehicle the scouts arrived in.

At this time, face coverings are required for all participants no matter their age. They must be worn in our check-in office, on transportation to and from the river, and inside any buildings. 

Additional information about how Echo Canyon is responding to Covid-19 can be found here:

Our Frequently Asked Questions page contains a copious amount of information about both trip planning and how to be prepared for the day of your raft trip.