Whitewater Skills full day 

Your full day trip includes the Colorado lunch option found on our Group Meals Menu. Trip is not recommended for children 12 and under. For questions about the Whitewater Skills Full Day trip, please contact our office at 1-800-755-ECHO(3246).

Skills taught in our Colorado rafting trips include:

  • Identify and explain the use of safety equipment on moving water. Includes the proper use of throw-bags, whistles and how to properly fit PFDs (personal flotation devices) and helmets.
  • Explain the International Scale of River Difficulty and apply the scale to the stretch of river where you are practicing and demonstrating your whitewater skills. Identify the specific characteristics of the river that are factors in your classification according to the International Scale.
  • Explain how to scout and read a river both while afloat and from ashore. Explain upstream and downstream V’s, riffle, strainer, eddy, eddy line, pillow, ledge, bend, current, rock, sleeper, horizon line, wave, standing wave, hydraulic or hole, and gravel bars with broken or dancing water. Demonstrate your ability to read the river where you are practicing and demonstrating your whitewater Colorado rafting trips skills.
  • Identify paddles designed for whitewater use and explain their special characteristics.
  • Explain and demonstrate:
    • Self-rescue and procedures when capsized in running water
    • Safe rescue of others in various whitewater situations
    • Portaging — when and how to do it
    • The whitewater buddy system using at least three persons and three craft
  • Discuss the use of inflatable boats on moving water. Explain how to safely outfit and use an inflatable boat in whitewater including the type of craft suited to certain water conditions, how to maneuver the craft on the water, and what special safety precautions should be taken when using an inflatable boat.
  • Explain the importance of communication during every whitewater outing. Explain and demonstrate using the following river signals: Run right, Run left, Run down the center, Are you OK?, I’m OK, Eddy out right, Eddy out left, Help.
  • Swiftwater crossings – Demonstrate and practice crossing a current on your own with a paddle, and as a group.
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