Three Rocks Falls Rapid (Class III-IV-V) - Bighorn sheep canyon

Three Rocks Falls Rapid is potentially the largest and most complicated rapid in Bighorn Sheep Canyon. It ranges in white water class from class III to class IV and even up to class V at certain high water flows. The features that create the changing classes of white water are three very large (and unforgiving) boulders laying parallel to each other in the middle of the rapid. At lower water flows the rapid is easy enough with time to make maneuvers and the river seems to be more forgiving. 

High water in Three Rocks is a different matter altogether. The river current moves incredibly fast in the main flow, and a number of features that must be avoided stack up one after another. Make a wrong move at the first of these features, the river hydraulic known as the Class VI hole, and the rest of the rapid can become quite exciting for all involved! So listen to your guide, paddle hard (and we mean really hard), and you’ll have quite the celebration when your crew and the other rafts make their successful run through Three Rocks Falls Rapid!

illustration of bighorn sheep and arkansas river
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